Islais Creek Copra Crane
A Labor Landmark

San Francisco’s Pier 84 Copra Crane visibly reminds us of past work. It represents trans-oceanic scenes: harvesting coconuts on Pacific Isles; shipping copra; processing copra oil, food, soap, and medicine; recycling the residue for animal feed.

Once a site occupied by fish canneries, tanneries, and slaughter-houses, the bay inlet has provided abundant blue collar jobs. When owners abandoned obsolete factories, Islais Creek fell into neglect. Since 1995 preservationists, conservationists, and trade unionists have united to restore the waterway and its surroundings.

Working people, led by the ILWU, the San Francisco Building Trades Council and Pile Drivers Local 34 intend to put the Copra Crane to educational and cultural use. The crane symbolizes past toil and future community cooperation. It marks respect for our environment and ourselves.

For additional information please contact Friends of Islais Creek: (415) 823-3537

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