While achieving our comprehensive purpose of labor education and the education of the general public concerning the history, theory, culture, and current activities of organized labor and all working people in America, our collective focus includes many interesting activities and efforts:

Restoration of the Islais Creek Copra Crane labor landmark located at the Port of San Francisco's Pier 84, and other labor-related preservation sites.

Designation of labor landmarks such as the Embarcadero’s Garcia & Maggini Warehouse, a key site in the 1934 Maritime Strike, and recognition of the site of our nations' first commercial power generation station located at Pacific Place - 22-4th Street in San Francisco.

Assisting in the production of labor-oriented films, documentaries, and videos.

Assisting in publishing guides, chapbooks, bibliographies, and pictorial collections on work-related subjects.

Issue occasional papers (originals and reprints) which expand interest in labor.

Encouragement and support for labor, academic and community participation in laborlore conversations, seminars and conferences.


The Jack Henning Graduate Fellowship in Labor Culture & History

Established in 2007, the Jack Henning Graduate Fellowship in Labor Culture & History began awarding annual grants in 2009 to California Graduate students.

A Fundraising event during 2007 was attended by many of our friends, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, members of the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council Unions and San Francisco Labor Council Affiliates, and our supporters from the Northern California community.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to encourage innovative study of the expressive culture of working people in the United States, their identies, philosophies, and the problems they encounter.

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